For more than 15 years, zdi.NRW has been shaping the STEM educational landscape in NRW. Hundreds of thousands of children and young people have come into contact with MINT thanks to the continuous work of the zdi networks and zdi student laboratories. Many of these students got excited about STEM in zdi courses and decided on an advanced course, an apprenticeship or a course of studies with STEM. Some of them are now passing on their enthusiasm to the next generation of MINT. From the zdi heroine to the MINT ambassadors to the zdi gurus. On this page we introduce you to the ambassadors of zdi. 

The zdi gurus - success stories from the MINT promotion of young talent in NRW 

zdi gurus are young men and women who discovered their enthusiasm for the STEM field with zdi and are now passing this enthusiasm on to the next generation of STEM. There are committed teachers and entrepreneurs who work with the regional zdi networks to offer young people excellent practical career and study orientation. And employees in zdi student laboratories and coordinators of the zdi networks are zdi gurus, because they encourage young people in their passion for STEM every day and make NRW fit for the challenges of the future.  

The zdi heroines - For more girls and young women in STEM 

Every year in October, a zdi heroine introduces herself to our Instagram channel and shares her personal experiences and impressions from the STEM field with us. The zdi heroines represent the diversity of STEM women and show girls and young women interested in STEM potential areas of activity. Always in focus: the joy of working in the STEM field.  

Find out more about the zdi heroines and the campaign month “zdi heroines October”. 

The MINT ambassadors 

Who can best advise parents, teachers and other girls about STEM? That's right, girls who have chosen a STEM major themselves. At the Guterloher Von-Zumbusch comprehensive school, a group of young girls got together to support other girls in finding their way around the MINT area and to share their own experiences. These girls call themselves the STEM Ambassadors because they want to show the world around them how much fun STEM can be.  

Would you like to learn more about the MINT ambassadors? Teacher Anne Fallner-Ahrens on the background of the project, Ambassador Jenny, Ambassador Finja, Ambassador Jule, Ambassador Johanna