Today is World Environment Day - for almost 50 years it has been raising awareness for more environmental awareness

World Environment Day, a global day of action proclaimed by the United Nations Environment Program, has existed since 1972. At that time, the first World Environment Conference was held in Stockholm. And since then, on June 5th, around 150 nations have taken part in various activities to draw attention to the endangerment of the global ecosystem. Germany has been involved since 1976, for example with an environmental festival and a bicycle rally in Berlin. Since the 70s, environmental awareness has become more and more anchored in the German population. For children and young people of our time, sustainability is no longer a foreign word.

Klaus Kaiser turns to the zdi community: "Strong in the crisis"

On the occasion of the challenges that the zdi community is currently having to deal with at work due to the corona pandemic, the Parliamentary State Secretary responsible for zdi in the NRW Ministry of Science, Klaus Kaiser, contacted the local actors. In his letter, he thanks in particular for the effort that the zdi networks and zdi school labs take to offer great MINT projects even in this situation.

15 years zdi | 2018 - The zdi gurus: STEM success stories made in NRW

Improving the world with MINT, being a MINT tutor or going to the “lion’s den” through zdi: Since 2018, the stories of the people behind zdi. NRW recorded in the form of the zdi gurus. They are young women and men who have discovered their enthusiasm for the STEM field through and through zdi and are now passing this enthusiasm on to the next generation of STEM. 

Cooperation between school and university - digital education in focus

Back row (from left to right): Thorsten Kluger (Deputy Headmaster), Maik Bäumer (Head of Administration Anne Frank High School), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Petra Rolfes-Gehrmann, Prof. Dr. Peter Britz, Prof. Dr.-Ing Jens Spirgatis (Department Hamm 2, HSHL) Front row (from left to right): Marcel Damberg (Principal), Prof. Dr. Klaus Zeppenfeld (HSHL President)

The Anne-Frank-Gymnasium Werne and the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences recently sealed their partnership with a cooperation agreement, thereby strengthening the MINT profile of the grammar school. Principal Marcel Damberg and HSHL President Professor Dr. Klaus Zeppenfeld agreed on the joint support of students, especially in the MINT subject areas. In this way, the university gives high school students the opportunity to visit the zdi student laboratory on the Hamm campus regularly. Concrete offers for study orientation, such as taster courses, guest lectures or university tours are agreed individually between the partners. With this collaboration, the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences is entering into its 19th school partnership. "Cooperation with schools is very important to us, because we want to show the potential of MINT at an early stage and inspire students and teachers alike," says Zeppenfeld. Professor Dr. Peter Britz...

zdi-BarCamp #1: MINT makers from NRW

What is zdi doing in space? How digital is zdi.NRW already and what opportunities and challenges does this entail for STEM education? How can zdi networks reach young people even better via social media channels? At zdi-BarCamp #1, the zdi community spent two days discussing, rethinking zdi, exchanging ideas, networking - and laughing. After an initial get-together in a relaxed atmosphere the evening before in the port of Neuss, around 110 participants met in Neuss on the day of the event, including the coordinators of the more than 40 zdi networks and managers of the zdi student laboratories in NRW - despite the considerable challenges caused by the storm Friederike . "Our goal was to offer the coordinators an opportunity to exchange ideas, where they can discuss problems and network, so that working groups might arise from them," explains Kerstin Helmerdig from the zdi office. This opportunity was gladly accepted and filled with a lot of life. In accordance with the BarCamps event format, no…