Under the magnifying glass: Female entrepreneurs in the MINT field

Women are underrepresented in entrepreneurship. The reasons for this are diverse. Too few role models, difficult access to financing options, unfavorable political framework conditions. But self-employment in particular offers women numerous advantages – also and especially in the STEM field. A topic dossier.

Topic dossier | Women and the Nobel Prize

Lise Meitner in conversation.

57 out of 934 – that’s how many (or few) women have been honored with a Nobel Prize in the past 120 years. A shockingly low rate. A change seems to be on the way this year: a total of three women were honored with the highest scientific award. A reason to take a closer look at the role of women in science. Fortunately, the times when women were not allowed to study are long gone - in Germany for about 110 years. Today, in most countries, about the same number of women and men study. Nevertheless, more men are active in university or non-university research. And the scientific community is still dominated by men. Studies also show that more women than men leave the scientific community from one scientific career level to the next. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, the global proportion of women is in the...