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Project call ERDF-zdi

With the ERDF project call of the zdi.NRW state initiative, ERDF-zdi for short, the NRW Ministry of Science and the NRW Ministry of Economic Affairs are jointly promoting the involvement of companies in the zdi work, the establishment and expansion of school laboratories and the strengthening of networks for STEM promotion. The funds provided come from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

ERDF-zdi supports zdi networks in systematically establishing and expanding cooperation and partnerships with regional businesses. In addition, the call for projects promotes the expansion of the student laboratory landscape in NRW. The aim is to reach children and young people across the board with flexible and mobile offers. A prerequisite for funding is that projects involve regional business partners, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). ERDF-zdi helps with the implementation and covers up to 50 percent of the project costs. Here you can find out more about the background of ERRE-zdi.

From 2012 to 2020 there were a total of three ERDF-zdi project phases in which more than 160 projects were funded with over 16 million euros. Below you can get an impression of the projects that have been successfully implemented with ERDF-zdi.

The application deadline for the program was 2020. In the current ERDF period 2021-2027 it can be expected that a new ERDF zdi program will also be launched.

Funding program zdi-REACT-EU

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has specifically supported the digitization of extracurricular learning locations. From the zdi-REACT-EU program, e.g. B. School labs receive up to €60.000 to set up and expand their digital infrastructure. A total of up to 4,8 million euros from REACT-EU were made available for the program, which could be applied for in two application rounds in 2021. On September 30 and December 31, 2021, it was possible to submit applications to the Detmold district government.

Up to 60.000 euros in material resources

Any extracurricular place of learning could apply for this program. The funds are only available for material expenses. Eligible to apply were public or non-profit providers of school and extracurricular educational and further training institutions, associations, clubs, unions and small and medium-sized companies. The funding rate is up to 100%. By the end of the requested project at the latest, a didactic concept must be submitted that pedagogically justifies the planning and use of the procured infrastructure.

In the film we show how the funds could be used in various projects in the five regions in NRW:


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Further information

More information and the guideline on the granting of grants to support virtual student laboratories at extracurricular learning locations in North Rhine-Westphalia (RL zdi-REACT-EU) can be found here:

Digitization of extracurricular places of learning zdi (


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