Art and culture - two disciplines in which the scientific and technical phenomena are not expected at first glance. Or does it? Numerous projects in North Rhine-Westphalia show how important STEM has become for art and culture.

A selection of offers from the zdi community with a creative or cultural background*:

zdi network Aachen & district of Heinsberg

Computational linguistics

At the beginning of the workshop, the participants approach the concepts of language and text. In group work, they create language automata and work out various aspects of textuality in order to arrive at a common definition. They then learn about emotions in language: How are they recognized by people? How can you describe that linguistically? How can computers do that? Then, in group work, she develops ideas for identifying emotions in written texts and in spoken language. course description

zdi center ANTalive eV

Youth shape structural change

In the 2021/22 school year, project groups and working groups on the subject of structural change are to be initiated at general schools as part of the “Youth shapes structural change” project. The target group are high school students from the participating schools in the Rhenish Revier. The focus of the content-related work in the project groups is on the topics “Energy and Industry”, “Space, Infrastructure and Mobility”, “Resources and Agrobusiness” and “Innovation and Education”. From these subject areas, the students choose a special sub-topic that they are particularly interested in and that they would like to work on. The results of the individual working groups are published at the end of the school year and prizes are awarded at a closing event. Project

zdi centers Bottrop & Oberhausen

MINT up close! DIY e-wearables

Wearables are used to introduce the students to the topics of electronics and computer science. The students combine clothing, accessories or everyday objects with intelligent functions and individual designs. They plan, sew, develop the circuitry and program - so at the end of the project they created their own wearable with self-developed functions. The students should be shown how creatively electronics and computer science can be used. course Description

MINT up close: Code! shape! Stick!

With "TurtleStitch" students learn to program easily and effortlessly to create code-based patterns. From simple, beautiful shapes to complex designs, everything is possible. You then embroider a self-created, computer-generated pattern onto fabric. With just a few hand stitches, the young people can then sew together a makeshift mask and wear their unique piece. course Description

zdi network MINT Düsseldorf

From PacMan to Lara Croft - The art behind video games

The students get to know video games from a completely different perspective. They leave their role as users and become designers. This gives them an exciting insight into the world of game development and a new perspective on computer science.
First, the participants are introduced to the use of the “Blender” software. They then work out the basics of key processes in digital design in practical exercises: "modeling", "texturing" and "rendering". At the end, each student has a video of their self-created 3D model, which can be played on their smartphone, for example. In addition to theoretical basics, the students should be shown the creative possibilities of the professional field of 3D artists. course Description

do you have sounds Programming music with Sonic Pi

Students are introduced to the Sonic Pi programming and development environment, specifically designed for programming music in a school environment. By using programming techniques and without any theoretical knowledge of instruments and harmonies, you will receive your creative musical result immediately. course Description

zdi network Ennepe-Ruhr

Witten Science Slam

At the Witten Science Slam, high school students from Witten can show that scientific topics are anything but boring. They present their specialist work or projects from the fields of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology (MINT subjects) in an understandable and entertaining way. course Description

zdi center per MINT GT district of Gütersloh

zdi student lab for digital media

Digital media are now used by all children and young people. The entry of cellphones and tablets into the lives of these groups has become the norm. However, the considered and meaningful handling of these media is not yet given as a rule. This results in the need to see dealing with digital media as part of social learning, which can be achieved through projects and educational work by the zdi laboratory 'Digital Media'. The laboratory is equipped with digital media (software and hardware) for photography and film. course Description

Course series 3D drawing on the computer (CAD) and 3D printing

The topic of 3D printing is on everyone's lips. Three-dimensional models, which are previously constructed on the computer according to your own ideas and wishes, can be printed here layer by layer. Profound economic and social changes will emanate from this relatively simple manufacturing process. For this reason, the zdi center has purchased two mobile 3D printers per MINT GT, with the possibilities of which teaching in different subjects can already be enriched today. course Description

zdi center Hamm

Three-dimensional visualization

We can hardly imagine our world without representations of digital three-dimensional images. Such representations are used for the simulated view of products, buildings or facilities, for visualizations in the medical field, for the development of prototypes and last but not least in digital media, games, cinema and television.
But how can you create such a representation of the real world? In the course, students learn the basics of the open source software Blender 2.8. As an exercise, three-dimensional objects are created for the visualization of a robot. After the scene has finally been staged from the creative perspective using lighting, the finished image can be saved in common graphic formats. Your own work can then be used as an image in a digital greeting card. course Description

zdi network MINT Herne

Adventure archeology

The students are confronted with archaeological finds in different ways in the LWL Museum for Archeology. These are linked to puzzles and tasks that require specific scientific and technical methods to be solved. This happens at different places in the museum. course Description

Constructing and designing on the computer

In two consecutive courses, students get to know professional 3D design software (CAD = Computer-Aided Design) with a computer. Then explore different ways
 to create identical bodies or body parts. course Description

zdi center Lippe.MINT in cooperation with Rapschool NRW

MINT training in Lippe on YouTube

The project from zdi-Zentrum Lippe.MINT has already published a series of films about MINT training in Lippe in cooperation with Rapschool NRW. The special thing about these films is that students can show the training from their very own point of view. The young people direct, operate the cameras and edit the film themselves. The professional equipment and the practical tips come from Daniel Schneider from the Rapschool NRW. Videos on YouTube

zdi network MINT.REgio, Recklinghausen

3 times school competition

The zdi network is participating in the 3malE school competition 2020/2021. The focus is on sustainability and energy. Because as an important cross-cutting issue, energy in schools not only touches on the STEM subjects but also geography, ethics, art and social sciences. There are many facets to discover - from the efficient use of energy to climate and environmental protection to ecological nutrition. With the competition, 3malE would like to encourage schoolchildren to actively help shape their future. To the competition

zdi network: MINT in the Rhein-Sieg district

CAD – from your own drawing to the model

In this course, students gain initial experience and implement their own creative design in a Styrofoam model. To do this, they design their own lettering or silhouette using a drawing program on the computer. The design is sent to a styrofoam cutting machine, which automatically cuts the exact model the students designed from a piece of styrofoam. The styrofoam models can be taken home. course Description

YouTube for you with Julez

YouTuber Julez teaches students how to create the perfect clip, avoid mistakes on social platforms, and protect themselves from online pitfalls and risks. A video is created in groups. They can let the museum shine in a completely different light and explain the technology on display. What do you need? Ideas, equipment, acting exercises, feeling for video editing, exhibits and exciting experiments. course Description

zdi center BeST Bergisches Schul-Technikum

Take your time - Design and make your own watch

Your own wall clock, table clock or sundial under the guidance of the dedicated workshop instructors from the Technical Vocational College in Solingen and the Solingen-based stainless steel manufacturer Vogel-Bauer. The participants can use turning, milling, filing, sawing, drilling, welding, plasma cutting, soldering, grinding, painting and other manufacturing processes independently after a short briefing and safety briefing. After completing the course, they can take the finished designer watches home with them, consisting of a finished movement, stainless steel sheets from Vogel-Bauer and their own selection of other materials! course Description

Hand tool camera and video technology

In order to produce a good short film, you need not only creative skills, but above all knowledge of professional camera and video technology. In this course, participants are introduced to the most important basics. In the field of photography, for example, the correct setting of aperture, focal length, exposure time and iso/gain is part of it. The professional sound recording of films with the help of microphone and recording device and how a recording process is skilfully controlled is also explained. Your own clips can be cut with professional software and appropriate corrections can be made. course Description

Inventing and designing - student design camp

The Industrial Design department at the University of Wuppertal is looking for young inventors who want to use their creativity and clever questions to develop intelligent design solutions for new products. The course begins with the design of a flashlight based on your own ideas, which is implemented in the construction of a model. In addition, the participants also deal with the diverse techniques for developing and manufacturing a wide variety of industrial products. course Description

*Some offers are currently suspended due to the Corona Pandemic.