The Robotics Competition, which has taken place annually since 2006, is one of the zdi initiative’s core instruments. Each year, about 1.000 youngsters succumb to the infectious fascination of robots. There are two categories: Robot Performance, which is primarily open to girls, and Robot Game, where the Lego robots have to perform specific tasks.

Robot Performance
The Robot Performance category demands great creativity. Team members devise a storyline based on the topic of the competition, build a set, choose suitable music or write a radio play. Then the Lego robots, which are often lovingly decorated, are programmed so that they stop at the different stages in the story. At the end, the team explains to the jury how the story evolved and how the robots were programmed.

Robot Game
The Robot Game teams are given a fixed set of tasks comprising various stages on a play mat where the robots must stop. The robots have to perform as many tasks as possible in a set period of time. These tasks are related to the theme of the competition.

The best teams in both categories are identified in about 15 regional competitions and meet just before the summer vacation for the grand finale in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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