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Training for quality assurance - the zdi Academy 

The zdi-Akademie offers regular training courses for employees in zdi networks and zdi student laboratories. This is intended to support the zdi networks. In terms of topics, the free offer ranges from seminars on organizing a zdi center to acquisition training and media seminars in which employees learn, for example, how Facebook works. The zdi Academy seminars are organized by the zdi regional office. Both people from the zdi community are used as seminar leaders, as well as external experts.

In order to reach as many zdi coordinators as possible, some seminars are offered several times a year at different locations, many now also online and on-demand.

Current dates of the zdi Academy

"Question Time" - Development of a social media strategy with a focus on Instagram & TikTok

This date is of interest to all those who have already completed the on-demand course “Development of a social media strategy with a focus on Instagram & TikTok”. Unanswered questions can be asked.

Referent: Fabio Mancarella (zdi regional office).

The seminar will also be accompanied by Lara-Madeleine Luska from the zdi regional office.

The online seminar will take place on Wednesday, November 09.11.2022th, 10 from 00:11 a.m. to 30:XNUMX a.m. via Zoom (you will receive the access data after registration).

Click here for registration: https://mint-community.de/kurs/fragestunde-entwicklung-einer-social-media-strategie-mit-den-schwerpunkten-instagram-tiktok2/

On Demand Courses

On-demand courses are available to you on the zdi community platform available for processing at any time. You can use the content exactly when it suits you or when you need it - i.e. around the clock directly in your everyday work.

Time management

Would you like to plan your tasks to be completed in such a way that a realistic and effective time management is created and you use your available time sensibly and optimally?

After the training, the participants know
• why they should keep track of their time.
• how to prioritize tasks.
• What is the benefit of planning tasks.
• which timing really helps.
• why they should know their performance phases.

After the training, the participants can
• Distinguish between external and self-determined time shares.
• do the right tasks at the right time.
• Optimally combine task and time planning.
• plan their time so that they don't lose sight of goals.
• make maximum use of their high-power phases.

Successfully design online workshops and meetings

A lot has changed as a result of the corona pandemic: people often work from home and teaching has also shifted to the digital world. Many have become accustomed to the corresponding software. 83% of the participants in a survey stated that they would continue to use platforms for online formats after the end of the pandemic. This creates new challenges for lecturers:
• How do I make online workshops or meetings interesting?
• What are the pros and cons? How do I balance these?
• Which tools and methods can I use?
• How does digital group work work?
• How and through which channels can I market my online format?
This course is interesting for all those who offer online workshops for further education, are active in online consulting or are looking for tips and tricks to make their workshops more interactive and to market them.

Development of a social media strategy with a focus on Instagram & TikTok

In order to get young people excited about things, social media has become indispensable. It is important to reach young people where they are. This applies offline, but also online.

Topics of this course:
• What is social media?
• Instagram & TikTok
• How do I create a strategy?
• Tips & Best Practices

This course is of interest to anyone who wants to create a youth-focused social media strategy and is looking for tips and tricks on how to do so.

All seminars of the zdi Academy can also be found on the STEM community

In addition to the (online) seminars that have already been scheduled, the following topics are being planned: 

  • FabStore (Kamp-Lintfort)
  • build youth communities
  • Advertise Offers
  • Staff for networks: Which actors can strengthen me in my work as a zdi coordinator? E.g. volunteers, FSJler, pensioners/retired civil servants etc.
  • funding advice
  • MINTplus / plusMINT
  • knowledge transfer
  • Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)


Registration for all seminars is via the MINT community. If you don't have access yet, please contact us:

Note for online appointments:

The online seminars are recorded in order to make them available to all participants and interested parties from the zdi community afterwards. For this purpose, the recording is uploaded to YouTube in a non-public area and made available on the MINT community platform.  

Therefore, when you register, you will receive three documents regarding data protection. 

We would like to ask you to fill out the consent form and send it back to the contact persons (the other two documents are for information). If you do not want to appear in the recording with image, sound, video and/or verbal contributions, we would ask you to leave them switched off during the online seminar or not to use them. You can ask questions using the chat function instead.