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One of the most significant features of zdi lies in the diversity and heterogeneity of the regional approaches for promoting STEM. With zdi, there is no “one size fits all” solution that each and every region is obliged to adopt. It is rather more the case that each regional zdi Network finds its own way of handling STEM and a structure that suits it best. However, in order to do justice to the many different approaches in the regions, the Central Office must rely on suggestions and feedback from the zdi Networks.

The role of the Strategy Group set up in 2014 is to support and advise the Central Office, the aim being the long-term further development of the joint zdi initiative. It provides an opportunity for feedback as well as to work on strategies and ideas for launching new joint projects and initiatives. The Strategy Group is made up of representatives from the host organisations of 12 zdi Networks.


What the Strategy Group does

The Strategy Group has defined its role and tasks as follows:

  • To advise the zdi Central Office and the Federal Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia in overarching strategic issues that concern all zdi Networks in North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • To formulate and regularly review/further develop the common self-conception of the zdi community and represent it towards third parties with one voice.

The zdi Strategy Group is aware that it is not mandated to speak for all zdi Networks. It does, however, nonetheless see a need to bundle the wishes and interests of the zdi Networks in North Rhine-Westphalia and communicate them in a consistent manner within other regional and specialised networks. A position paper on the self-conception of the zdi Networks was published in September 2015 (in German only).

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